Out Of Clothes

I’m mostly hiding in Skype right now, internally crying as my face hurts and my dad says the solution is to drink beer. Sorry, but beer doesn’t interest me, and doesn’t mix with the pain meds for my wisdom teeth surgery.

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[TXT—Cam] The point is that some day, someone will hear you.
[TXT—Cam] Do you want to come over?

He nodded slowly, glossed over Ze’ev’s explanation of why he didn’t lie. How the perception filter worked was a lot more interesting and he had a ton of questions. “But esn’t et really uncomfortable?” Cam asked. “I mean- whene’er ye pass a mirror ye see sumone ye’re not.. an’ et’s- I dunno, et seems like more ‘an a disguise. Wouldn’ et mess ye up ef ye had tae wear et all th’ time?” It wasn’t just out of interest that he asked, Campbell was a bit worried, too. He remembered another patient from an asylum stay, Gerald, a man who’d been convinced his left leg wasn’t his - Body integrity identity disorder. He’d been sectioned for trying to cut it off with a chain saw. It had been a terribly slow process to convince the man that his leg was actually his - in fact, Cam wasn’t sure if they’d ever managed, as he’d been let out earlier than Gerald.

"Dae ye take et off when ye sleep? Did ye ha’e tae keep et on whene’er I stayed over, I’m sorry. But I’ve seen ye come out th’shower, how does that work?" Obviously, whether they were friends or not wasn’t even a question Campbell was considering and when Ze’ev asked him he looked baffled for a moment. "Weird?" he echoed. "I knew people who spoke tae blue men frae Venus that didn’exist. How would et be weird ef I talked tae a purple bloke frae.. where’re ye from?" To be fair, it was a little bit weird.. But he wasn’t going to say, he didn’t want to see what disappointment looked like on Ze’ev’s real face. He’d get used to it.

"There are blue women from a planet called Thessia." Ze’ev smiled and sipped at his tea. Gently, he stroked his friend’s hair. "I take the filter off when I am home alone. But it is no problem to wear it so much. I am rather comfortable with myself." That, and Ze’ev was used to infiltration work. It didn’t bother him, and he rather liked the human appearance. If it had belonged to someone else, Ze’ev would have been all over that person.

"I was born on Kahje, and spent a fair amount of my life moving from planet to space station. I think Earth may be my favourite." He smiled as he looked around the apartment. "Kahje is mostly water, and we lived in bio-domes. And space stations do not exactly have a lot of dirt around. It is nice to have so much greenery and suchlike."

Out Of Clothes


Out Of Clothes

Eeeeehhhhhhhh yeah the jaw is sore today. My wisdom teeth surgery got moved up from October to yesterday, and I spent the day downstairs in a leather chair eating pudding, applesauce, and ice cream while drinking water and having friends over to make sure I didn’t trip over my own two feet and land on my face. And also because friendship. So. Um. I’m taking my swollen face up to bed, because I didn’t really sleep well.

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Out Of Clothes



I have my wisdom teeth extraction surgery on Thursday, and then classes start up again on Monday. Also, my brother is getting deployed soon, so that’s why I haven’t really been on: I’ve been spending time gaming with him.

So yes. Not ignoring people, I promise.